We are a 2-week experiential learning camp that incorporates a series of challenging, and thought- provoking teaching methodologies that empowers and prepares youth (ages 16-21) for a changing world through lifelong learning. At our customized i-Exponential Camp students learn about mindfulness, social innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Through collaborative learning activities, corporate tours, case studies and fun interactive lessons, students leave more focused on their future and the action steps needed to succeed. This, one of-a-kind experience, will provide each student with the knowledge, skills and competencies needed to grow exponentially.

  • Increased knowledge of their strengths and alignment with present and future careers.
  • Ability to meet and create lasting friendships with a network of multinational students.
  • Learn applicable critical thinking and problem-solving skills needed in the workplace.
  • Adapting creativity and innovation for entrepreneurial start-ups that help solve global issues.
  • Gain critical marketplace skills, including: Public Speaking, Negotiations, AI, Design Thinking.
  • Increased English acquisition through our customized, Language Proficiency Model, for youth.
  • Learn mindfulness through the 7 Mindsets methodology.
  • Discovering their passion and purpose in life and how they can make it relevant in their future.
  • Introduced to social and emotional learning (SEL).
  • Meet corporate leaders and engage in business case study development.
  • Participation in a Social Impact Project and outdoor activities to develop leadership, teamwork and collaboration.
  • 2 Camp Week On Campus Residential Option: $5,600
  • 2 Week Off Campus Commuter Option: $3,500

Yes, with a required deposit, there are installment payments available online and special rates for siblings and early bird payments.

At the University of Miami, in Coral Gables, Florida. There will be several corporate visits, a service project, team dynamic challenge and tours off-campus during the week of July 18th to July 31st.

Absolutely! With over 30 years of camp experience, we have carefully designed an agenda that is action packed and structured in a way to provide interactive activities that are filled with valuable life lessons. Our team dynamics and competitions help increase self-esteem and motivation. We combine experiential learning and personal discovery, and assure that doing so leads to FUN!

In 2020—The i-Exponential Camp will take place at the University of Miami, in Miami, FL. In the near future, our camps will be offered globally!

Yes, English is required for all the USA based camps. ESL 2 and beyond is preferred at our camps. However, Our faculty and coaches are bilingual (English and Spanish). For an additional fee we can assign a translator for students that request one.

Yes, 100% of our camp staff are fully bilingual.

Yes, at the orientation and Business Plan Pitch Competition / Awards Ceremony.  Because we know the importance of engaging the parents, we provide live stream during many of our daily learning modules and activities so that parents can be part of the i-Exponential Camp experience.

Yes, If under 16 or 18, depending on which country they are traveling from. This can be obtained by calling your local US Embassy if traveling from outside the United States. A registration application and other forms will be required. For further questions, you can reach: rbaez@biznovator.com

Absolutely, our camps are all designed to be hosted globally. We have delivered programs in more than 30 countries.

No, this must be paid separately and arranged by the student’s parents, or institution responsible.

Seasoned professionals; each having more than 30 years working as educators, trainers, coaches and youth developers. All are Certified BIZNOVATOR Trainers and have been working under BIZNOVATOR’s Founder and Lead Trainer, Juan Pablo Casimiro and Ismael Cala, Founder and Lead Trainer of Cala Enterprises.

  • At UM for On-Campus Residential Option, Includes: 3 meals and snacks daily (50 meals total)
  • At UM for Off-Campus Commuter Option, Includes: 2 meals and snacks daily (30 meals total)
  • Travel Documents: Passport (make 2 copies of passport); Visa (if needed; make copy)
  • Required Medicine: Must be reported to BIZNOVATOR 2 weeks before travel date
  • Casual Summer Clothing: jeans; shorts; polo shirts; T-Shirts (sweater for training rooms)
  • Professional Clothing: 2 business casual attire for corporate visits; 1 suit for ceremony
  • Technical Needs: lap top computer; camera (option); mobile phone
  • Other Needs: bathing suit; 1 beach towel; sun lotion; sunglasses; hygienic needs; soap
  • Room linens / bedding provided

This is not permitted! Arrangements can be made for the parent, or an authorized family member to receive your child before the camp start date or after camp adjourns. Our 2-week i-Exponential Camp at University of Miami runs from July 18th to July 31st, 2020.

During all camps we will have a First Aid certified professional and for the 2 Week i-Exponential Camp, a clinic and hospital will be available at the University of Miami campus, if needed.

Yes, a trip to the Dolphin Mall is programmed during the 2 Week i-Exponential Camp agenda.

There are some advantages for traveling in groups; students can get to know more about each other before arriving to the i-Exponential Camp. For first time travelers they’ll feel more comfortable traveling in a group. They can also build camaraderie while traveling together.

Post i-Exponential Camp experiences include follow-up support, coaching, MyBIZNOVATOR on-line courses, BIZNOVATOR newsletter, weekly blogs on www.biznovator.com

Absolutely not! In fact, we encourage all students to participate in our camp to learn these skills sets. It is important for participants to join us to Discover their purpose, Transform their mindset and Connect to their future! They’ll arrive with curiosities and return home filled with ideas.

Before deciding to attend the i-Exponential Camp we ask that all students and parents visit our websites at www.biznovator.com; interview BIZNOVATOR alumni and their parents. Our team of trainers and the founders of i-Exponential Camp are always available to answer any questions the students or parents may have. Before registering, make sure to ask questions. Once in the camp there will be no return payments, however, a credit for future events can be discussed.

Character Qualities

  • Social and Cultural Awareness
  • Exponential Leadership
  • Adaptability
  • Persistence / Grit
  • Initiative
  • Self-Driven Curiosity


  • Mindset Shifting
  • Time Management
  • Social Media Development
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Communication
  • College Readiness (college selection)

Yes. All insurances are covered except travel insurance. Included: Liability, D&O, and Health Insurances. Should you want to purchase additional insurance, please make your own arrangements before the travel dates.

Simply go to www.i-exponential.com or www.biznovator.com  and look for the i-Exponential Camp registration button. or call 786.385.5285